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Fishing is our life! A passion that has persisted since youth.

Western Native Trout Challenge

Challenge results to date:8 states: New Mexico, Utah, Wyoming, Nevada, Idaho, Arizona, Montana, Colorado| 9 species: Bull Trout, Gila Trout, Apache Trout, Rio Grande Cutthroat, CO Cutthroat, Bonneville Cutthroat, Redband, Yellowstone Cutthroat, Westslope Cutthroat






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Hawaii Smallmouth Bass

Hawaii Smallmouth Bass

When we think of Hawaii we think of tropical shores, palm trees blowing in the trade winds and beautiful hula girls swaying their hips to ukelele music. When it comes to fishing we think of deep sea yellowfin tuna (ahi) or spooky 10lbs bonefish (oio) but we dont think...

Lees Ferry, Colorado River, Arizona

Lees Ferry, Colorado River, Arizona

When you think of the Grand Canyon you think of the Arizona desert and vast views of breath taking views as far as the eye can see. Now take that and add in trout fishing and you have an adventure worth taking. You might be able to even pay for some gas for the trip...

Jean Lake, Utah Grayling

Jean Lake, Utah Grayling

We all dream of those adventures of chasing gold and striking it rich. Well on this adventure Jeff and Marcus came across an old stocking report of the Utah DNR saying that California Golden Trout were stocked in Jean Lake in high Uintas. So there are only a few lakes...

 Upcoming Trips

These are planned expeditions to hunt for fish across the world. Covid has put a halt on a couple of these but feel free to check back in for new adventures frequently. 


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