If you’ve lived in northern Utah you’ve heard of the Uintas National Forest. Its massive range and different drainages make it a wonderful place to explore and see wildlife. The most common place is the mirror lake highway but there are different places that hold such a beauty that each place is unique and wonderful in its own right. On this trip we went to the north slope of the Uintas and fished the Blacks Fork River in Utah.


The Blacks Fork starts in Utah and has three stems (east, west and middle forks) before flowing into Meeks Cabin Reservoir in Wyoming. We we on the hunt for Colorado Cutthroat trout and even found a couple small Brook Trout as well. Our Journey started in Salt Lake City as we headed east on I80 toward Evanston. East of Evanston we exited onto county road 414 and headed south toward mountain view. Turned west on county road 204 until we met county road 271. From there we headed south through a windmill farm and right toward Meeks Cabin Reservoir. On the south end of the lake is the WY-UT state line. So we drove in and tried to find a goo place to park to where we could start the mission for Colorado River Cutthroat Trout.

We started on the West Fork and worked our way up the river fining channels and pockets that hold little Brook Trout and small to average sized cutthroat. We bumped into a “Flybrary” that is a memorial piece to a young man named Ant Greer, who was a guide on the Green River in NE Utah and this was put there by his father Mark Greer. It is s great piece and has a tacky strip to where you can leave a fly for other people to use when they are fishing. If you bump into this as well go ahead and leave something in memory of Ant.

We got to a long run where JJ doubled up on two fish at once on his dry dropper rig he was running, Ethan pulled two fish on two casts out and then Marcus doubles up at the top of the run as well. Never saw it happen before and it happened twice in the same place which was pretty awesome and if you don’t believe me watch the YouTube video at the bottom of this article. We walked up the hill to go see if we could find some bigger fish at the main river where the west fork meets the main stem and there was tons of great looking water ahead.

We made our way down stream finding pocket after pocket of great water but lots of small fish until Marcus hooked into a nice sized cutthroat on the far bank and we continued to fish our way down until the evening and we had to call it a day and make the trek back to SLC. 

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