When we think of Hawaii we think of tropical shores, palm trees blowing in the trade winds and beautiful hula girls swaying their hips to ukelele music. When it comes to fishing we think of deep sea yellowfin tuna (ahi) or spooky 10lbs bonefish (oio) but we dont think of the freshwater fishing for smallmouth bass but if you know where to find them it can be quite the fight and expirience. Where you can watch an ambush predator come out from under an bank and smash your streamer in a clear cool stream surrounded by tropical plants. So when planning your next vacation and youre able to to grab a couple hours we know a great place to start your adventure.

The best thing to do is walk upstream finding small pools, deep waterfalls and small runs where these fish can hide. The bigger fish seem to do well in places that have structure for being able to abmush and depth. We noticed there were small crawdads swimming around and some plecostomus ( those pet store sucker fish). The pleco’s have spines on their dorsal fins so the bass stay away from eating them so the logical food source and fly choice was a crayfish pattern and boy did it pay off.

With not having easy river access becuase of private property we had to start lower in the stream and work our way to where we know the fish are. Finding pool after pool and throwing that streamer in and within two strips you had a fish explode onto your fly. There were even several places where you wouldnt expect them to be hiding and as you walked upstream you would spook them. Slowly working our way up we caught fish after fish as it seemed they were hungry and very opportunistic. There are several things you have to worry about though when fishing these streams. The first being slippery rocks and hazards such as rebar around them. Second is Leptospirosis which is an infection that comes from animals such as ferral pigs urinating in the water, so if you have cuts be catious. Last and most prevelent is flash floods. In Hawaii it rains almost every day and if it is raining hard in the mountains then that water will come down very fast and not care if youre in its way so please be careful