Marcus Chambers grew up in southern New Mexico where he traveled the United States with his soccer career. He learned how to fly fish in the Gila National Forest with his father. Marcus was the 39th person in the country to complete the Expert level of the Western Native Trout Challenge. After learning how to fish smaller streams he expanded his fly fishing techniques with other pro staffer Mike Berlint on larger rivers like the San Juan River in the four corners area of New Mexico. In 2012 he moved to Hawaii which helped refined his saltwater fishing abilities. He currently resides in Utah where he helps run a fly shop and travels the world on the hunt for native fish.                                  


Lamont Carter-“My dad bought me my first fly rod when I was 16 years old. It took me 5 years of trying, before I actually caught my first fish. At 21 I finally felt like I had enough knowledge about fly fishing that I could work on perfecting my skills. I love to share my knowledge with anyone who is interested, no matter their skill level. The memories that I have made and the friendships that have become because of guiding are truly the best part of the job. Fly fishing isn’t just a hobby to me… it’s an addiction. Lamont has guided in states like Wyoming, Idaho and Utah and is an excellent streamer fisherman. Lamont currently is guiding out of Dillon Montana where he guides for several outfitters on tons of different rivers such as the Big Hole, Beaver Head, Jefferson, Ruby and Madison to name a few





 Mike Berlint has been fly fishing for 40+ years and calls his home river the San Juan where he owns a home and property and will retire there. He is an avid fly tyer and rod builder. Its not uncommon to find Mike helping others and teaching fly fishing. He has guided and taught for years including teaching his two sons to fly fish at early ages. Mike has fished all over the world and currently lives in Los Angeles where he has taken up a new passion of saltwater fly fishing. His favorite waters are in Colorado, Utah, Eastern Sierra’s and the famous San Juan. Mike has recently become addicted to fishing for monster cutthroat at Pyramid Lake.                                                        



John Haddock grew up in Utah and ended up attending Utah State University where he played soccer and received his degree in Geology and currently works as a Hydrologist. He has a passion for native trout conservation and fishing. A still water expert with tons of fishing knowledge and fly tying experience. He has traveled all over North America chasing different species of fish. From the salt water lagoons of Mexico chasing tarpon to Star Valley Wyoming hunting Snake River Cutthroat.


Alan Gallegos is a native Coloradan, the youngest of seven children – who loves fly-fishing, alpine-skiing, and camping; sharing his passions throughout the great outdoors, on freestone rivers and playing with gravity on the slopes at Snowbasin.

Alan met his partner, Ashley, while working at Keystone Resort. They have one gorgeous son named Anson Ross and a vizsla named Alice Snow.

Alan loves helping family, friends, and colleagues identify and achieve their true potential. Alan has been a fly-fishing guide, a regional sales leader, alpine instructor, sales coach, and most recently a business success strategist and a local Planning Commissioner! You will see Alan on the water or campground or at Snowbasin saying #countit #somethinghappenin #trouties #bowsdeep #letsgoplay


Anson Ross is a native Coloradan and loves to #FULLSEND! Anson lives life to the fullest keeping his parents young and on their toes! Anson loves cycling, skateboarding, swimming, singing, fly-fishing, and skiing with family and friends! Anson’s nickname is “the HIT” because of the high number of trouties he catches or at least the number of hits he says he gets?! Nevertheless – #FULLSENDANSON aka the Hit would rather be outside than inside…Living!

Zach Zesiger has been fishing as long as he can remember and was introduced to the passion by his father. He went fishing with his dad when he was younger quite frequently and hasnt stopped since. He is very versitile, knowledgeable and comfortable with all styles and methods of fishing from fly to comventional, from trolling to ice fishing. He has been fortunate enough to have traveled to numerous bodies of water in his home state of Utah and the surrounding states. He loves to travel and find and explore new waters as often as possible. Fishing isnt just a hobby its a passion of his. He is an avid spokesman for ethical outdoor life and conservation and fits in with our mission statement perfectly. He loves to hunt as well and enjoys learning new techniques in the outdoor field and studying animal behavior.


JJ Miller grew up in southeast Idaho where he spent his youth fishing the highly prodcutive reservoirs. He learned to fly fish on the fabled Henry Fork and South Fork of the Snake River. He moved to Utah to attend Utah State University where he perfected his pocket water fishing skills, casting dries to high country cutthroat on the small streams in Cache Valley. He eventually moved to Salt Lake City where he spends his time guiding the local tailwaters. Instructing others about the art and science of his number one passion, fly fishing. He not only enjoys teaching others how to fly fish, but how to practice good conservation. On his days off youll find him traveling to different places in pursuit of the finest trout fishing the west has to offer. If your interested in a guided trip with him you can contact him through his instagram below.


Paul Arendsten


Paul is an all around fisherman from Fly to Conventional. Paul knows tons about fishing but main love is smallmouth bass fishing and catches them from shore, from a boat and even during ice season. Paul is part of the staff at a local fishing store in  northern Utah and fishes at least twice a week.

Trent Smith is a man with more than a fishing passion, its almost like fishing has infected him. A man who is very vercitile in fishing techniques. He targets Walleye, Bass, Crappie and big Perch 5-6 times a week. He currently resides in Utah which he calls his home state after extensive travel and living across the United States with his military family. He favorite species is Walleye but is alway looking for new adventures and different species to catch. He should hold the Utah Bluegill state record.


Brandon Stephens


Ethan Corbridge

Ethan was introduced to fishing at a young age by his grandfather. Some of his first fishing memories are from the Uintas mountains in northern Utah. He has been drawn to the outdoors his entire life. He is currently studying to be a conservation officer at Weber State University which puts him in nature constantly. He is an expert on several aspects of the outdoors and equipment that we use on a daily basis.


Jeff Hughes


Jeff Hughes grew up in Utah and his passion for fishing started at a young age while chasing trout with his older brother. From small streams to big rivers or big lakes to little ponds, he enjoys the challenge of it all. “I love the challenge of figuring out the different water, there is nothing like the adventure of stepping out to a new piece of water and hitting that first fish!”
He loves to travel and tries to get on the water several times a week to perfect his skill. A 2 or 3-hour drive starting the day at 3:00am is a regular weekend event and his Instagram profile shows it. Jeff also enjoys teaching others how to fly fish and has recently started doing some select guided trips.


Be sure to follow Jeff’s adventures on Instagram! @801TroutBum